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TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR picture
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Manufacturer / Brand: ORIGINAL
Details: Headers and Edge Type Connectors New connector in stock
HTS Code: 8536.69.40.40
Quantity Available: Over 111200 Pieces
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Datasheet for TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR:

TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR datasheet
Price for TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR
Detailed Description of TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR
Product Parameters
  • Manufacturer Part Number : TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR
  • Manufacturer : ORIGINAL
  • Description : Headers and Edge Type Connectors New connector in stock
  • RoHS Status : Yes
  • Delivery Time : 1-2 days.
  • Lead Time : 4-6 weeks.
  • Length : -
  • Size : -
  • Color : -
  • Material : -
  • Feature : -
  • Packing : Box
  • Standard Packing Quantity : -
  • Country of Origin : -
  • Weight : -

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TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR CAD Models Information
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR
  • Q:Where can I buy TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR?

    A:We have the TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR connectors available for selling now, you can contact us by email for the price and delivery time.

  • Q:When can I receive a reply after sending email?

    A:We will reply you within 12 hours.

  • Q:How do I place an order and pay it?

    A:You can place an order by email, and you can pay by Bank Transfer or Paypal.

  • Q:How long I can receive the shipment after order?

    A:We will ship within 1 day after order, and you will receive it in around 2-3 days.

  • Q:How do I use TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR for my products?

    A:Please refer to the application note or contact us.

  • Q:How can I download a datasheet for TSM-103-01-T-SV-P-TR?

    A:You can download the datasheet on our product page, or you can send us by email to request a datasheet.

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